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1 sept 2023
 Opinión verificada
Me ha gustado la protección con la que habéis hecho el envío y debería mejorar el transporte, ya que el día de llegada del producto pido permiso en el trabajo y me quedo en casa y me mandan UPS un mensaje que lo mandan a un punto de recogida por no haber nadie en la casa, cuando ni siquiera han llamado al timbre.

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15 nov 2023
 Opinión verificada
I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with the recent experience I have had as a customer of this shope online. My order, placed on October 30th, 2023, with Order Number #1000779928-19724822, totaling over 200 Euros, has been marred by severe issues in both the logistics and customer service departments. On November 3rd, just four days after placing my order, I received notification from the logistics provider, DHL, informing me that my package was damaged during transit due to inadequate packaging. This news was deeply concerning, and I immediately reached out to your customer service team at CROP to seek assistance in minimizing the losses incurred. Regrettably, the customer service I have received has been far from satisfactory. Instead of proactively working to alleviate the situation, the CROP customer service team has engaged in a pattern of evasive and unhelpful behavior, leading to a complete lack of progress as of November 15th. Despite numerous attempts to seek resolution, I have been met with delays, excuses, and an overall lack of commitment to resolving the issue. The primary concern is the company's insistence on awaiting a response from DHL before taking any corrective actions. This has resulted in an extended period of waiting, with no concrete solutions provided to me. Furthermore, CROP has failed to offer a refund for the damaged items, leaving me in a frustrating and unresolved situation. I understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise during the shipping process, but the lack of urgency and transparency in resolving this matter is unacceptable. I have been a loyal customer and expected a level of service that reflects the value I place on your products. I urge your company to promptly address this situation by taking the necessary steps to expedite the resolution of my case. I request immediate action to either resend the items or provide a full refund for the purchase. It is my hope that this complaint will be treated with the seriousness it deserves, and corrective measures will be implemented to prevent other customers from facing similar challenges. As a consumer within the European Union, I am aware that such practices are subject to EU regulations, and I am prepared to escalate this matter further if necessary.
Nuestro objetivo es generar confianza digital. Más información cómo funcionan los comentarios de opinión en Trusted Shops

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